*SarahBear* (angelicrbowgirl) wrote in iorg_demolay,

Wow its quite quiet here. :S

So I thought I'd just update on whats going on around here.


Maine Grand was a few weeks ago. It went great. My assembly had a good time hosting, and all went well. It was such a blast! Meloney Marquis is our new GWA, and her mascot is carebears. :) I am now Grand Recorder and Grand Rep to Missouri.

I was installed as WA for my third time last weekend. It was quite stressful, but ended up going well and was lots of fun. I even had visitors from Massachusetts, which was quite awesome! :)

This weekend I am off to Massachusetts Grand Assembly, and the weekend after that is NH Grand Assembly. Both are going to be a blast!

Yep...thats about it. Let's try to get this community going again, ok?

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